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**Click the Set Up AutoPay Instructions below to see step-by-step instructions.**

Note: You must have an online account to set up AutoPay. These instructions are included in the below AutoPay Instructions as well.


AutoPay is a payment program where you can authorize your bill amount to be automatically paid from your Visa, MasterCard, or checking account each month. With AutoPay, we will continue to read your meter and calculate your bill each month. You will continue to receive your bill as you normally do.

How quickly will the automatic draft start?
AutoPay will process your payment 5 days prior to the due date. So, if you enroll at least 6 days prior to the due date, it will process for the current billing. If it is within the 5 days, then it will start on the following month's billing.

How do I un-enroll?
You may un-enroll from AutoPay at any time. You will need to log into the account and choose Stop AutoPay.

How do I stop payment?
If you need to stop a payment, you must log into the account a minimum of six (6) business days before the scheduled draft date by clicking Stop AutoPay; otherwise, please contact your financial institution. Applicable fees may apply if you do not meet the six (6) business day minimum for stopping payment.  

You must choose the Activate AutoPay Now button to have it turned on. If not, all you have done is saved your payment information. You will see the Stop AutoPay option when clicking the AutoPay Set Up if you are set up to automatically pay each month.


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